The Cairns Agency

About Us 

The Cairns Agency have been managing and promoting clients to the television, film, theatre and media industry in Scotland since 1997 and have gained the reputation for excellence, professionalism and reliability.

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Promoting Background Artists

Representing Children and Teenage Performers

We supply the people in the background for TV and/or film.  Over the years our Agency and staff have worked on hundreds, if not thousands, of projects.  Extras come in all forms, shapes and sizes.

An application to become an extra is open to everyone regardless of experience.  If you are reliable, punctual, enthusiastic and patient, then this could be the ideal opportunity for you to be on the big/small screen.  The decision on representation for the ‘background artist’ is at

 the discretion of the Agency based on a one-to-one


Our Agency excels in representing children and teenagers for work within the media industry, with many of our young clients going on to become professional actors in their own right.

The Agency has a team of staff who are fully experienced in representation of minors and the legal implications that apply to them when working in the media.  We also have a bank of experienced professional chaperones.  A decision on representation for children/teenagers is at the discretion of the Agency based on an interview with child and parent/carer.


Reliability and punctuality are the two most important attributes of the client.  Production companies spend thousands of pounds to film.  If you are late or fail to attend this will impact what work we can secure for you and our other clients.


Clients will never be sent out unprepared as the Agency has its own reputation to consider.  Experience can often be substituted for enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.


Filming work can and often does involve long, cold days – therefore always dress appropriately!  Patience can be a virtue!